The city that never sleeps is napping


The once bustling city, famed for its bigness and busyness, is now still. There’s an unfamiliar lazy pace to the streets. A slowness we have not felt before that is both disorientating and charming at the same time. You can hear the birds chirp as you meander down Fifth Ave.

We created a short film — something of a love note to New York City. Something to show our support. To acknowledge its resting state and illustrate our respect for it. We will be patient. We will grant you the break you need and deserve. Because we know that rest is crucial for rejuvenation.

As creatives, we know all too well that burn out is the enemy and the prime path to success and productivity is through self care. Now is New York’s time for self care.

Our Director of Production, James Thomson, shot this on Kodak 16mm film over the last few weeks. We found an amazing partner able to develop the footage despite the lockdown and created something we are so proud of.

We miss you New York and we look forward to what tomorrow brings…

The city that never sleeps is napping‘ was first published on Incite — Manifest’s Thought Leadership platform.

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