Come fly with me: The GoPro Drone will take you to new heights


Recent years have seen an increase in popularity in several emerging technologies that have primarily taken very expensive, specialist concepts and placed them in the hands of the individual. One of the major examples of this is aerial photography and videography. The rise of drones has resulted in new laws, governing bodies and a lot of admin for the authorities who would like to police the mass usage of small, flying machines. And now, as expected, GoPro have joined the party with GoPro Drone! It’s a bit late, but many still believe this is the coolest way to enter a party and it looks like GoPro will be the person there that everyone wants to talk to. Cheap and easy to put in a bag, take home and then ride it down a mountain… It’s an exciting addition to the market and at $800 it’s going to allow GoPro’s devoted army of content generators to capture even more incredible footage.

That being said, it is always our position that new tech should be put to work in good, meaningful ways – that means not using drones for the sake of a fad, but using it because it truly enhances the story you’re trying to tell. There are many cases where this is true, and drones certainly have a big place in film production, but we can expect to see a lot of shoehorned drone footage over the next year. The best drone footage we see will be the drone footage you don’t even notice – it will be so perfectly intertwined into the story and the rest of the film’s visual style that it will add what it needs to add without distracting the viewer, or taking you out of the narrative. Carefully considered use of technology results in enhanced film experiences.

In the mean time, here’s the launch video to wet your appetite for all things aerial, GoPro and scenic.

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