Debt Age


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The average credit card debt in the UK is £4,500 which could take up to 17 years to pay back. Peer-to-peer lending platform Zopa approached us to help them show the world the reality of this problem.

This integrated campaign used video content to drive conversation about debt age and highlighted Britain’s credit card crisis by making borrowers face up to their potential debt age.

Using time-lapse video and theatrical makeup we were able to show a tangible, human story of debt age by transforming consumers into the age they would be by the time they paid off their debts.

By interviewing four real participants with real debts, we were able to deliver an emotional reason to embrace peer-to-peer lending as an alternative way of alleviating your credit card debt.

Real people telling real stories gave the video the necessary human angle for people to share the video across social media and for traditional press to pick up on it.

  • 15 pieces of news coverage including The Metro, Mirror, Scottish Herald, Daily Record
  • Seven major radio interviews
  • 7,000+ organic views within one month
  • 4,254,000 OTS

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