Introducing the T-Pod: CGI animation of driverless trucks


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Einride is changing the way we transport goods. They have developed not only driverless, electric trucks, but also have plans to develop an entire infrastructure to support the trucks, allowing them to go on much longer journeys and replace gas-guzzling trucks. We jumped at the chance to work with this fantastic Swedish innovator a CGI animation explaining the concept, which would support its launch announcement.

Our CGI animated film set out to tell this story and offer the media an easily shareable, visually rich overview of the campaign. Our film, created in just over a month shows the T-pod overtaking its inefficient ancestor as they drive through a mountainous landscape, before introducing the key features of the infrastructure – such as the charging stations and the remote operation abilities.

The launch concept and video were pitched to media by the Manifest teams in UK, Sweden, USA, and was an instant success generating over 300 pieces of coverage worldwide in its first month, including Mashable. The total reach for the coverage achieved in was 380million.

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