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MorphCostume’s Halloween challenge is driving traffic early enough in October so consumers have time to visit the website and order a costume. Causing a media frenzy in the days leading up to Halloween is too late for sales. Working closely with Manifest London, MorphCostume’s PR agency, we created engaging and emotive video content that resonated with the core target audience alongside powerful and effective social media distribution encouraging them to share it. The video became the ‘story’, driving online, print and broadcast coverage early in October.

FrightMob was the first-ever social media scare frenzy, firmly cementing MorphCostumes as the frontrunner of fear for Halloween.

The FrightMob concept was simple – nominate your friends to be ‘mobbed’ by the ultimate scary pranking gang. Each prank was packaged into video content to encourage social media sharing. As a testament to the campaign’s impact and reach, The Metropolitan Police issued a statement warning against a ‘worrying new trend’ of ‘Frightmobbing’ people on the London Underground.

All videos included direct links to the website to drive traffic and increase sales before Halloween. Links to social communities and clear social calls to action were also included and hashtags #FrightMob and #FrightMobMyMate were created.

Social media was key to the virality of this campaign and hence its success – the videos created were designed to be inherently shareable within the target audience. The FrightMob prank campaign successfully aligned MorphCostumes with Halloween

  • Sales increase of 594% – a Morph Costume was bought every six seconds in October
  • Multiple costume designs completely sold out prior to Halloween
  • Website traffic increase of 475%
  • 100,000+ video views
  • 191 pieces of broadcast, print and online coverage
  • 9 million impressions in October from 3,187 Twitter mentions (Sep: 1.6 million from 952 mentions)
  • 67,000 new Facebook fans
  • Facebook reach increase by 45%

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