Kaspersky: Safe Kids


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To promote the launch of Kaspersky’s Safe Kids product, designed to help parents protect their children online, the O team was asked to come up with a creative concept to shine a light on how kids use and understand the internet today.

We wanted to showcase both how savvy kids can be when it comes to the internet, but also some of the ways they might be naive, and potentially put themselves at risk. We cast children of different ages up to 15 years old, to give a broad range of perspectives. We wanted to ensure it felt completely authentic, so we asked our cast of kids to respond to a series of questions from an off-screen interviewer and filmed their natural responses. We then carefully edited their humorous, clever and sometimes concerning responses, to create an engaging video which took them on a journey.

To support the video, we also commissioned a survey of parent’s about internet use in their family.

The video and stats was featured on Kaspersky social channels, and was shared on 20 parenting blog including Mummy’s Little Monkey, Diary of the Dad, and ET Speaks From Home 

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