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Living Wage Foundation

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The Living Wage Foundation campaigns for businesses and employers to recognise and pay their employees a fair wage based on the cost of living.

The current UK Living Wage as set by the foundation is £8.45 an hour, with the London Living Wage is £9.75. This is independently calculated each year based on what employees and their families need to live. However, in April 2016 the government renamed its minimum wage to the ‘National living wage’ of £7.20, which has resulted in confusion with the figure set by the Living Wage Foundation.

The difference between the government figure and the higher Living Wage Foundation figure works out at around £2000 per year for people in full time employment.

The O team was thrilled to partner with the Living Wage Foundation on a video project to highlight how much difference that additional income could have on peoples’ lives. We wanted to show how it shouldn’t be enough for people to just be surviving.

The video was shared on the Living Wage Foundation website as a powerful tool to encourage employees to recognise their responsibility to pay their staff a fair wage.

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