Living the dream scholarship


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We helped Uniplaces to launch its first ‘Living The Dream’ Scholarship, a unique crowdfunding program which gave students from across the world the chance to have their first semester accommodation costs paid for. All they had to do was submit a video of themselves performing a random act of kindness.

The Scholarship needed a call to arms to galvanise students from across the globe to enter. We partnered with student influencer Tommy Xpensive to help us tell the story in a way that was easily digestible and highly engaging for students. The video was captured in one shot to communicate the ease at which students could enter.

Tommy’s status as an influencer within our target audience helped amplify the message and achieve a successful initial organic following. We then used this to target media with a video that was already building momentum, encouraging news outlets to cover the story.

The video gave Uniplaces the perfect tool to communicate their scholarship to the student community and played a vital role in wider PR activity. The initial video received over 250,000 views and helped to drive over 5,000 entries by students from over 900 cities across Europe and the USA. This resulted in 100 acts of kindness being shortlisted on the microsite.

The video played a vital role in PR activity and helped to communicate the message to press, securing hundreds of pieces of coverage across the globe.

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