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Les Mills

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One Live is Les Mills International’s global mass fitness initiative. With UK events every quarter, this fitness festival sees thousands of people partake in one of the most intense and exciting fitness experiences on the planet. Whilst the event itself is infamous among those lucky enough to attend, it hasn’t been well translated online. Historically, a simple promotional video from each event is all the online community would have seen of One Live. Les Mills asked us to completely reinvent their approach to event content creation. Our objective was to drive excitement and raise awareness around this epic fitness event for both attendees and online fans.

After analysing previous content from One Live events both the problem and the solution seemed obvious. Whilst the event feels like a ‘festival’ to those who attend, that dynamic atmosphere wasn’t being communicated to an external audience – an audience not already involved with Les Mills.

We adopted creative tactics used by large-scale music festivals and applied them to One Live. Using a live presenter and interviews with participants we personified the excitement of the day. Cinematic shooting captured epic, engaging and inspirational footage which was shared in real-time across the Les Mills social media platforms and post-event as a promotional tool for the next One Live.

The range of content created dovetailed with a carefully crafted social media plan, allowing us to be strategic in our shooting. Our lunchtime video post alone achieved over 95,000 views, 682 likes and 43 excited comments from people wishing they were at the event. This type of engagement allowed the social media team to follow up with people who wanted to learn more about these events and invite them to the next One Live – successfully using content and social media to directly drive sign ups.


Tori Willard wraps up One Live with copious amounts of Zen.

One Live Manchester

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