Reject the fitness myth.

Les Mills

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Traditionally, fitness brands have depicted the benefits of exercise by showing fit, healthy people working out. This approach has failed to motivate a huge proportion of the population so it was time to change direction in order to get Britain moving.

Our strategy was to present an extreme, dark and depressing reality existing on the fringes of society that represented everything Les Mills would oppose. We created an anti-hero who spouted extreme doctrine about the benefits of an unhealthy lifestyle to a handful of gormless followers. By presenting this extreme reality, viewers are forced to face up to the potential consequences of the choices they make.

We produced a video depicting our ‘anti-hero’, Lesley Miller, campaigning to a measly band of followers about the merits of an unhealthy lifestyle. Each element of the video, from the setting and music to his lack of supporters, was carefully considered to undermine Lesley’s viewpoint and character, and position him as an extreme minority.

Lesley Miller directly addresses the audience, asking ‘What’s it going to be?’ to engage them and make them think about the choices they make. Two alternative endings were presented: ‘Choose the right to do nothing’ showing Lesley Miller alone in a dark room eating junk food, or ‘Choose the right to be active’ which showed Les Mills exercise classes.

To amplify the launch, Facebook and Twitter profiles were created for Lesley Miller so he could interact directly online. The video sparked debate with people posting thousands of comments on social channels about the benefits of exercise and trying to convince him to get active.

Tapping into the news agenda the campaign used ‘National Obesity Awareness Week’ to give it further appeal and a timely hook.


  • 160,000+ views (target KPI 50,000)
  • Thousands of comments on social platforms
  • UK media coverage including Mail Online and Mirror Online
  • Trade coverage in Health Club Management, Leisure Management, World Leisure News, Leisure Week, Leisure Opportunities
  • Les Mills social media fan growth increased 79% for the quarter


  • 35% increase in new instructor enquiries
  • New instructor sign-up target beaten by 18.5%
  • Website traffic increased 150% and traffic to the ‘find a class’ page increased 72% increase
  • Organic search traffic increased 160%

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