The city that never sleeps is napping

The once bustling city, famed for its bigness and busyness, is now still. There’s an unfamiliar lazy pace to the streets. A slowness we have not felt before that is both disorientating and charming at the same time. You can hear the birds chirp as you meander down Fifth Ave. We created a short film […] [...]

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The beleaguered art of the recruitment film

Time to read: 5 minutes (excluding video content) I’ve had a few jobs in my time. From gardening in Cornwall to the stock-room in Argos, then a waiter, bar work, broadcast television, before finally landing in digital content. The spark was lit for me after falling in love with The Big Breakfast as a kid. Every […] [...]

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Say Hello to our new Art Director, Martin Farrar-Smith

The O Collective just got bigger (and more northern) with the appointment of Martin Farrar-Smith as Art Director. With over a decade of design experience, Martin is a key new hire for the O team, enabling us to add creative design to our service offering, and allowing us to fuse content production with design expertise […] [...]

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Come fly with me: The GoPro Drone will take you to new heights

Recent years have seen an increase in popularity in several emerging technologies that have primarily taken very expensive, specialist concepts and placed them in the hands of the individual. One of the major examples of this is aerial photography and videography. The rise of drones has resulted in new laws, governing bodies and a lot of […] [...]

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A Sound Mind: The power of good sound design

We enjoy writing blog posts about our most exciting projects, so after the resounding success of our latest campaign, it was very tempting to write all about how we created a fully immersive beer drinking experience, but instead I would like to take this opportunity to talk about something that whilst incredibly important to VR, is actually […] [...]

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O Live hits Taste of London with Pilsner Urquell

Food and beer rank pretty highly on the O Live team’s list of favourite things, so the team were thrilled to be heading down to Taste of London with Pilsner Urquell to capture all the delicious action live. As well as having its beer truck on site and a huge tank bar in the centre of […] [...]

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