Resolutions are for quitters 2

Resolutions are for Quitters

O was briefed with developing innovative, branded content to leverage New Year’s resolutions to promote Les Mills’ introductory workout programme, ‘Smart Start’, and to highlight the benefit of group exercise. We created a dynamic one-take video that presented a close-up of a man straining and struggling to workout, with a hopeless voiceover which listed all […] [...]

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Reject the fitness myth.

Traditionally, fitness brands have depicted the benefits of exercise by showing fit, healthy people working out. This approach has failed to motivate a huge proportion of the population so it was time to change direction in order to get Britain moving. Our strategy was to present an extreme, dark and depressing reality existing on the […] [...]

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MorphCostume’s Halloween challenge is driving traffic early enough in October so consumers have time to visit the website and order a costume. Causing a media frenzy in the days leading up to Halloween is too late for sales. Working closely with Manifest London, MorphCostume’s PR agency, we created engaging and emotive video content that resonated with the […] [...]

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Debt Age

The average credit card debt in the UK is £4,500 which could take up to 17 years to pay back. Peer-to-peer lending platform Zopa approached us to help them show the world the reality of this problem. This integrated campaign used video content to drive conversation about debt age and highlighted Britain’s credit card crisis […] [...]

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